Private Investigators Operating Throughout Thailand. are the largest Bargirl/non Bargirl/Cheating Husband private Detectives currently operating in Bangkok,Phuket,Pattaya and through out Thailand.

We are Experts in Fidelity checks on Thai Cheating Girlfriends and Bar girls.
We are totally Independant of any organization.

 *We are the original bargirl-spy,no way connected to similar named Agencies.

Bargirl-spy has 10 years experience operating as Bargirl/thai lady /thai spouse Investigators in Thailand.

Bargirl-spy have 12 field operatives and 5 support administrators based in Bangkok,Phuket,Chiang Mai and Pattaya. have seen all the Lies ,Cheating,Scamming and Tricks that are used.

 Trustworthy Investigation Companies.

 The performance and methodology of our  Private Detectives is under constant review to ensure the Investigations that we carry out for you are conducted in the most thorough and cost-effective manner. operate on a totally unbiased view and we respect your confidentiality.
 we will catch  a Cheating Thai girl. Discretion guaranteed.

 As Professional Private Investigator Detectives we completely understand the need for Confidentiality and Sensitivity and can guarantee both.
With this in mind,we can offer you a complete Investigative package and the peace of mind needed to engage the services of a detective agency as ours.
 We understand that sometimes having to employ the  services of a private Investigator can be a daunting prospect. With this in mind ,you will find that all our staff are friendly,understanding,discreet and they treat each enquiry in a professional manner.


 Money back Guarantee. Investigations promise to return our retainer not including expenses if we fail to satisfy our clients requests .
We will endeavour to get the answers to your problems in Pattaya.Bangkok,Phuket,Chiang Mai,Hua Hin and throughout Thailand

 BARGIRL-SPY PRIVATE Investigator Detectives Thai cheating spouse investigators

 Is My Thai Girl Friend Lying To me?

Will she lie to me?

She says she’s not a "bar girl" and does not have a boy friend.

She doesn’t have a sponsor, and has never had a child,

After spending a fortnight with the love of your life in “Pattaya” ask yourself a few simple questions.
Where did you meet her? I doubt very much it was in the local branch of the Kasikorn Bank.
 Was it in a bar? or, on beach road in the evening?

Thai women usually earn less than there male counter parts so it is doubt full that you’re “Thai Girl Friend” will be squandering her hard earned wages in a “Beer Bar” Unless she just happened to be visiting an old school friend when you arrived.

 Pattaya’s beach road is very well known for its “Coconut Palm Prostitutes”
 could it be possible that your new Thai Girl Friend was dressed to the nines on Pattaya beach at 23:30 waiting for a friend, or is it more likely that your new Thai Girl Friend was out in an attempt to supplement the meager income from the bank?
Was she “tooled up” Not that it’s polite to look into a “ladies” hand bag but in Pattaya a little Pi work can pay dividends?
why do so many young ladies in Pattaya walk the streets late at night with a hand bag full of condoms and a tooth brush?

Maybe they are just trying to cover all the bases should they get raped by a tramp!!Is your Thai Girl Friend really a bar girl/prostitute?

Has she been lying to you?

Will she lie to you in the future – yes! Sorry to give it to you straight but unless you actually speak fluent Thai, in all its dialects, work in the same bank branch? then there’s a very good chance your Thai girl friend will have lied to you, will be lying to you, and will lie to you in the future too.

 In actually fact lying seems perfectly acceptable in Thailand.

What will she lie about..... absolutely everything!Have a great time on holiday in Pattaya..

Just don’t let yourself fall in love with a Thaigirl,especially a Pattaya girl.

Yes yes, Thai friendly,we often hear,friendly because they want your money

    "Ur service has been excellent.I wait ur photos and will use, recommend u again for sure.
      Thank you,job well done.Very impressed"

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